The selection of contents in emergency communication

What are the new sources of information? How to choose news and data to communicate in an emergency, when the pace is imposed by circumstances? The selection of contents in emergency communication is a delicate issue and full of responsibility.

Our guest, Clara Attene, journalist, educator and specialist in data visualization, possesses precisely the dynamics and tools to train for this purpose. In this interview, she starts with the identification of authoritative sources and arrives at practical suggestions and useful precautions to be adopted by emergency communicators.

From authors, but also from recipients of content that is reported, that could be fake or otherwise manipulated and decontextualized, it is best to train first in efficient consultation of the web in order to be properly prepared, perhaps creating your own form of operating protocol to be followed if needed.

Precious practical enrichment, to be added to the toolbox for anyone who wants to be sure of optimal content selection in emergency communication

Links and realities mentioned during the interview:

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Reverse Image Search (plug-in)
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