The project

‘About Emergency’ is a research project regarding responsible communication before, during and after an emergency. Starting from my personal research, this project now intends to open up to discussion and growth, to increase understanding of this topic and raise awareness of its significance, the first step towards it being remembered, thereby taking root for the future.


I am a researcher in the field of emergency communications. The similarity with written communication, my priority professional area, lies in setting points out in black and white, both in the sense of taking responsibility and from the point of view of better defining the information to recollect events.

I am also a civil protection volunteer, which is something that led me to follow emergency communications after the earthquake in L’Aquila in 2009 and Amatrice in 2016.

As a professor of technical, creative and digital writing, press office activities, proofreading and, since 2017, of communication management in emergency situations, I am well aware of the importance of study, which is why I completed an advanced training course in the Psychology of Emergencies in 2018. Through the ‘About Emergency’ project, I would like to make my personal investigations public, share them and open them up for discussion.

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