Emergency communication at municipal level

Emergency communication at municipal level: the subject for today is a hot topic. The testimony, which we have the honour of welcoming at About Emergency, is even more so.

So THANK YOU to Francesco Alleva, spokesman for the municipal administration of Bergamo.

In these 30 minutes, he tells us how they managed the Covid-19 emergency in the two most violent months for the community, how they operated on and offline and about the role played by volunteers.

See the whole interview here!

Communication styles of media figures during the Covid-19 emergency

"One cannot not communicate" states the first communication axiom of the Palo Alto School (California), of which Paul Watzlawick was one of the greatest exponents. We wanted to put this theory to the test by analysing a number of media figures during the Covid-19 emergency. In fact, on the one hand, you’ll find institutional contexts as sources, where speeches are written, viewpoints are measured and there is plenty of time to choose the right outfit, but, on the other, we have attempted to define the communication styles that have emerged in five of the most prominent media figures during this emergency, making use of a topic in psychology called "Neuro-Linguistic Programming" (NLP) .

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